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a man texting I miss you.

In the depths of night, emotions ablaze,

I penned a message, longing to convey,

My heartfelt sentiments, the love I hold,

To an ex, a flame that's yet untold.

With trembling fingers, I pressed send,

Hoping my words would somehow transcend,

Across the digital realm, to touch her heart,

To reignite a flame that we once had, apart.

But all I received was a single "read,"

No response, no words to fulfill my need,

A cold acknowledgment, a silent reply,

Leaving me exposed, questioning why.

Did I err in reaching out this way?

Should I have waited for a different day?

Uncertainty grips me, fills my mind,

As I ponder the choice I left behind.

Yet in this moment, I must remind,

That love is a journey, sometimes blind,

Her silence may speak volumes untold,

Her heart, like mine, may need to unfold.

I'll grant her space, let time decide,

If my words find solace, where they reside,

For emotions are complex, a delicate dance,

And patience can often grant love a chance.

For in expressing my truth, I've stayed true,

To the depths of my heart, where love once grew.

Though her response may remain unknown,

I'll cherish the courage I've bravely shown.

In this chapter of life, I find my peace,

Knowing I've allowed my heart's release.

For love's journey is not always defined,

By the responses we seek or hope to find.

So I'll embrace the silence, let it be,

A reminder of love's vast mystery.

For in sharing my soul, I've set it free,

To find its place in the grand tapestry.

A man texting I miss you


black man holding an ink pen.

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