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My Perception of Art: Beyond Reflections and into Reality

A man holding a mirror dressed as Superman. There is a cloud shaped "S" in the mirror.

In the intricate mosaic of human culture and expression, I've always found a significant place for art. To me, art isn't merely a straightforward mirror reflecting reality. It's a transformative medium through which I perceive and interpret my existence. I find resonance in the saying, "Art is not a reflection of reality, it is the reality of a reflection." But what does this profound statement really mean to me?

My Interpretation of Reality and Reflection

Let me unpack this concept. Viewing art as a reflection of reality suggests a passive role of art, merely duplicating the world as I perceive it, a replication of my external environment. However, when I think of "the reality of a reflection," I perceive a more active role for art. Art, to me, constructs its own reality, which is shaped by the personal biases and unique interpretations of the artist. It transforms, recolors, and reshapes the world through the individual prism of artistic perception.

Art - My Reality of a Reflection

When I say that art is my "reality of a reflection," I acknowledge the power of art to go beyond the ordinary, the superficial, and the obvious. Art delves into the subconscious realms of my mind, projecting abstract ideas, emotions, and truths that are often overlooked in everyday cognition. It gives a physical form to the intangible, making it real for me to observe and interact with.

In this sense, reality is more than an objective, shared concept—it becomes a personal, subjective experience. My reflection, therefore, becomes a personal rendition of the world, heavily influenced by my experiences, emotions, and thoughts. This 'reflection' is then actualized into art—it becomes a reality of its own.

Art as My Communicative Bridge

Art, for me, is a bridge between different perceptions of reality. Through art, I can understand and appreciate realities that are different from my own. I can glimpse into other people's reflections of the world, enhancing my understanding and nurturing empathy and connection.

Seeing Beyond the Visible

Art's potential to represent my "reality of a reflection" allows it to challenge prevailing narratives and spark change. By presenting fresh perspectives and unconventional reflections of reality, art can interrogate the status quo and stimulate thought and discussion.

Art doesn't merely show me what is visible but encourages me to see beyond. It nudges me to identify and acknowledge the unnoticed, the disregarded, or the concealed realities of life. This transformative power of art is evident throughout history, from the Renaissance to contemporary art movements, where art has often been an instigator for social change and personal growth.


In summary, my perspective on art as the "reality of a reflection" is a testament to its transformative, communicative, and revelatory powers. It acknowledges that art doesn't just mirror the world I live in—it builds its own worlds, giving form to abstract ideas, emotions, and experiences. In doing so, it allows me to understand myself and others better, providing novel ways of engaging with and interpreting the world around me. I see art as a dynamic and active participant in the creation and understanding of my reality, not just a passive reflector.


black man holding an ink pen.

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