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Is Music Like A Drug?

Have you ever felt that music has such a powerful effect on you that it can be likened to a drug? Well, I certainly have, and I wanted to find a way to visually illustrate this concept. That's why I decided to take a self-portrait with a tape cassette ribbon sticking out of my nose, as if it were a nose bleed. To capture this shot, I used my trusty Canon R6 and an 85mm lens. The result was an image that perfectly conveyed the idea of music being a potent force that can consume us entirely.

A black man with a walkman and headset on with a tape cassette hanging out the nose.

The photo may seem like a silly concept at first, but I believe it represents something more profound. Music has the power to alter our emotions and even our physical state, just like a drug. It can transport us to different times and places and make us feel alive in ways that few other things can. When we listen to music, it's not just a passive experience; it's an active one that engages all our senses. This photo captures that feeling perfectly, showing how music can take hold of us and become a part of who we are. So, next time you're lost in your favorite song, remember that you're not alone in feeling like music is more than just a sound – it's a powerful force that can move us in ways we never thought possible.

After taking and editing the photo, I was inspired to take things a step further and create a poem that would complement the visual representation of music as a drug.

Here is the poem:

Music is a powerful force,

That moves us on its course.

It resonates deep within,

Touching places we've never been.

It has the power to heal,

And emotions it can reveal.

But with its rhythm and sound,

Our nose may tingle and be found.

It's a reminder of the force within,

Of the way music can touch our skin,

And make us feel alive,

As if we're on overdrive.

So let the music take you,

To places both old and new,

Embrace its power and might,

And let it bring you pure delight.

A legal pad with a poem on it.
Music is a Powerful Force.

So next time you're lost in the rhythm and the groove, take a moment to appreciate the power of music in your life. Let it fill your soul and make you whole, and allow yourself to be consumed by its beauty. Because just like a drug, music has the ability to change us for the better, and that's a feeling that's worth holding onto.


black man holding an ink pen.

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