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I Still Hide You In My Poetry

Man holding a fountain pen up to his face.

It's a rare occurrence to encounter individuals who leave an indelible mark on us, a mark that lingers long after they've embarked on their own unique journey. I was fortunate to meet such a person who, through shared experiences and wisdom, has significantly enhanced my life's perspective.

As our paths diverged, her influence did not wane; instead, it found a permanent dwelling within me, a quiet, positive resonance that continues to impact my worldview.

In navigating this journey, I found solace and a powerful means of expression in the written word. I started to see her influence subtly permeating my work. One day, I found myself reflecting, "I still hide you in my poetry."

My poetry became a mirror of the world as I see it, reflecting subtle echoes of her. The vibrant cityscapes we explored, the tranquil landscapes we admired – I began weaving these shared memories into my verses.

"I still hide you in my poetry" transformed from a simple phrase to a testament to her enduring influence on my life. A symbolic homage that transcends our shared past and resonates in my present and future.

Her influence, although invisible, is a powerful force that subtly shapes my experiences and expressions. Here's a tribute to such extraordinary individuals who, despite the divergence of paths, continue to influence us, living on in our actions, our thoughts, and sometimes, even in our poetry.


black man holding an ink pen.

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I'm Jonathan Belle, a photographer, foodie, cosplayer, and travel lover. I aspire to create captivating images through light and color. Whether trying new cuisine or discovering new horizons, I'm always seeking adventure to fuel my creativity.

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